Outlook Mobile Sync Settings

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Is there any way to keep the Outlook Mobile app (specifically Android) from syncing emails?


While this may seem an odd request, let me explain the use case.  In my personal life, we manage our family calendar in my wife's Hotmail account.  Each family member has their own calendar within the same account.  The only way to distinguish the individual calendars in the Android world, unless I'm missing a solution, is with the Outlook app.  It works fine, but I don't want to sync her emails, just the family calendar.  If I sync her emails (which I don't seem to have any choice but to do), they get mixed in with my personal emails and my work emails, and I risk marking her emails as read, replying to her emails, invading her privacy, etc.  As a result, I can only use the Outlook app as a calendar app and must use a separate email app that doesn't sync her emails.  It sure would be handy if I could turn off the email sync (much like you can turn off contact sync) so that I could use the app for all its functionality by account.

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I've never tried the functionality myself, but can't your wife Share her Outlook.com calendar with you so that you don't have to have her account on your device?

Thanks for the suggestion.  Unless I've misused the sharing function, no, it won't work.  We both manage the family's calendars, so I need to have live access to them.  I've seen other calendar apps that have individual sync toggle switches for email, calendar, contacts & tasks/notes.  This would be ideal.


Of course, it would be nice if the Android world could distinguish the calendars natively like iOS can, but that's another story.