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Has anyone seen a change in their search results when searching for messages within the Outlook mobile app or even the mail app on iOS?   Is there a limit to the results that can be found using the mobile apps?   When I search for an email say from my boss (who I receive numerous emails from) the results seem to only go back maybe a week.  And when I search for someone I email less frequently I get results that go back a few months.   But if I'm looking for an email that I know is in my inbox that was from say 6 months ago its not being pulled.  It seems like this has changed recently but I can't find anything that says there are limitations or anything in terms of search results.   

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@Tom Robey were you ever able to get a resolution to this?  I have an end-user who has the same experience you mentioned.

@Tom Robey Same question - have you found anything? We've got users complaining about this as well.

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I did finally get confirmation as to the search capability (or lack there of) for Outlook.   Below is what I have confirmed.  


Search results for:

Outlook Desktop - 1,025 limit

Outlook Mobile - 100 limit

Outlook Web - 250 limit

Apple Mail Client - no limit as long as  you have the sync set up to "no limit" - my test found emails going back 7 years.  


I am really shocked (well maybe not shocked) that if I use the Apple mail client I can search all of the email I have stored in Office 365 but using Outlook I'm limited.   You would think it would be the other way around.   


Thank you for the detailed response!

So you noted that the Outlook Mobile limit is 100, is that how many emails you were able to see between you and your boss when you performed that initial search? My end-user only saw around 10-20, but nowhere near 100 search results