Outlook Mobile App - select multiple emails changed?

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I have been using the outlook app for years. Due to the volume of emails I receive, I normally would quickly click/hold the first email, then it would automatically allow me to select additional emails to delete or move to other folders.

As of today, this simple feature has changed. It now requires extra steps and multiple clicks for this task. Is this a change in my settings or something done by developers?
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I noticed that too but now today it has gone back to normal.
@gonegolfcrazy I am confirming Emelle21 response. I tested both Outlook Desktop and Online. It is working correctly. Like you, I use this feature daily. :)

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I use the Outlook app on my iPhone and before reading your post was concerned my iphone might have been hacked. Now I’ve just read there’s been a security breach on Apple devices so am having to do a software update. I don’t know if you have an iPhone and whether it is anything to do with that. Hopefully not.

@gonegolfcrazy I had the same problem. Looks like they changed that setting to where you'd have to tap each circle on the Left of the message. I would prefer to long hold 1st email and be able to tap other emails to select multiple emails. 



I agree. Still can't select the first email then select the bottom email of the list to select multiple emails and mark as read. I have to hold and select each individual one. It's annoying. This is on Outlook for Android.

Looks like you can hold the first email and keep holding then swipe down. https://twitter.com/Outlook/status/1146418351868121088?t=dor5Pe9DgI7mUSUAa5Dpgw&s=19



So another silliest oversight from MS Ux team is that there is no option to select either single or multiple messages when you are using filters (Outlook Android app). 

For example, I search for all messages from Amazon and was to select and move them into a folder. But I cannot find an option to do so. 

How is everyone else managing this? Or have I missed something very obvious???


Really frustrating!!!