Outlook Messages Sent to GMAIL rejected as spam.

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This is the "support" I received from Microsoft when I inquired why my emails were suddenly getting rejected as spam from gmail recipients:


"We found this as a known issue as currently Gmail is having issues receiving emails from Microsoft. Kindly minimize the rate of emails that you sent to Gmail." (emphasis added)


I get that Microsoft and Google are increasingly colliding, so both companies are going to implement changes to their products and services that create challenges for users crossing over into/onto each other's platforms.  You should be ashamed of yourselves, creating angst for your users in an effort to wall-garden them into/onto Microsoft platforms.  This is exactly why the DoJ and FTC are going to crawling around Redmond for the rest of the decade.  



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Hi @ChipMorris63,

I hope that Microsoft and Google can resolve this issue quickly and amicably. In the meantime, users can try to minimize the impact on themselves by following some of the tips below:

  • Avoid sending large attachments to Gmail recipients.
  • Break up large emails into multiple smaller emails.
  • Avoid using spammy language in your subject lines and email bodies.
  • Make sure that you are only sending emails to people who have opted in to receive them.
  • If you are still having problems, you can try using a third-party email service, such as ProtonMail or Tutanota.

I also encourage you to report the issue to both Microsoft and Google. The more users who report the problem, the more likely it is that the companies will take it seriously and take action to fix it.

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