Outlook mails going straight to spam

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I have tried to send emails from my outlook mail ID and it ends up going straight to spam all the time. This is not a problem that is happening only to me. My friends are facing the same problem. I used Mxtool to find the problem. It says the reverse DNS lookup is unable to take place. And it lists out a bunch of problems with my email. I know for a fact that if the reverse DNS lookup isn't happening then the email will go straight to spam. 


Why is this problem happening? I have tried to contact outlook customer support and they haven't reverted. Has anyone else faced this problem? How did you solve it?

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I don't have this problem with Outlook, if another Email provider is putting Outlook emails in spam folder, then it's their fault because they are obviously making a mistake. you should contact them instead.

Outlook community is here btw:

An email provider puts an email in spam when the reverse DNS is not working. It's a standard thing that every provider follows. Please look at the image I have attached.
Which mailbox from which provider do you use that identifies Outlook emails by mistake as spam?

Happens in Gmail and even in Outlook. I have an institution mail ID (from outlook paid office 365 account) that marks my mails from my personal mail ID as spam. My friends who are using an Outlook mail account face the same issue. I got a report for my institution mail ID and the reverse DNS is happening for that ID but it is not happening for the personal mail ID. And it is not a mistake. Outlook is at fault here. The reverse DNS is not happening.