Outlook Mail will not return to inbox

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Firefox on macOS

When you have folders on the left and emails on the right, you were able to click an email that would open on the right, then you could return to view all your emails by clicking on the "Inbox". That function no longer works. Nothing happens when you click "Inbox". And it is the same if you are in "Junk Mail" or "Sent Items". Across the board. You can return to "Inbox" using back key or equivalent. Any ideas?

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Hi @JimmEee - I've noticed this happening too, over the past few days. It happens in various browsers, so it looks like a problem with Outlook Mail itself. Hoping the engineers will see this and do a quick fix soon. Any way of reporting glitches like this to them?



I have the same problem. Do just need to wait for Outlook engineers to fix it?

I have the same problem too. Very annoying.
me to. i thought i did something

I am having same issue with inbox.  I thought I changed some setting or did something wrong.  At first I wasn't getting any emails for several days and then all of sudden all of my emails posted but then when I click on "inbox" nothing happens, I have to use the back button to get into my inbox.  This is so frustrating.  This needs to be fixed ASAP.  

Same issue here. Been this way for...almost a week I think? So I'm guessing there was some update that occurred possibly start of the month or something and that's when this happened. Would be nice to go back to normal functionality. Hope this isn't a "working as intended update/upgrade" that never needed to happen and improves nothing.

I am having the same issue. It started happening once I paid for storage and ad-free email.

I also thought it was just me. I've started using the "back" arrow when I'm going between an email message and my inbox. Still an annoyance. If the problem is at the Outlook end, I do hope they know about it and are working on it.

@JimmEee I am having the same issue. How do you get around that? Do you close the browser and open Outlook again? I have to do that every time now.

When I'm toggling between messages and the inbox, I've been using the "go back" arrow at the top right of the screen. It also works for me to go to a different box, such as junk or drafts - then clicking on inbox works for me.

I hope Outlook knows about this and fixes it soon.
I do find I can go between Favorites and Folders to get the Inbox open. I hope it gets fixed immediately!

Has anyone from today when trying send an email/reply got the send gone to top & layout changed? Its really bugging me, as well as inbox issue you guys also have.

@JimmEee Lately, whenever I open an email in outlook, and read it, I cannot get back into the inbox no matter how many times I click on it. I have to open another folder under the inbox and get in from there. I can't express how annoying this is

@JimmEee Same problem.  Tried opening it in different browsers but it's an outlook problem not a browser.  Annoying enough that I'm considering migrating to a different email account.

@JimmEee I noticed that too, took me a while to see there is an "X Close" button to the left of the email title, and it's the only way to get back to the email folder from opening the email



@DJAClubb Thank you! I never noticed that Close link ever. Previously, it always just went back to the inbox if I clicked on it. You think a change like that might warrant some one actually telling people about it? Thanks again, and be well

Read DJAClubb's answer. There's a X Close link at the upper left corner of the email itself that take you back to the inbox. Thanks again DJAClubb!
Me too. I am thinking about going to Google/Gmail. I now can't open any folder if I go directly to it. I can go up or down on a folder then come back to the folder I originally want to open and it then will open. It is so frustrating and time consuming.
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I was able to contact Support via Chat from my account and from what the rep is telling me this is the way it functions now and you can only return to the parent folder/message list by clicking the X Close at the top left of the message.

Their response after I asked if this change was permanent - "This is by default on all accounts across globe, I suggest you post your feedback on feedback page as this is monitored by developers team." I further questioned if "default" meant there is a way to change this behavior, they did not know and pointed me to the feedback page:

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