Outlook Mail and Calendar, Focussed inbox: this setting can't be applied to any of your accounts

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Today Microsoft released an update to the Outlook Mail and Calendar app. One of the new features is Focussed Inbox. Unfortunately, I don't see this in my app. Checking the settings it tells me "this setting can't be applied to any of your accounts".


My only mailbox is an Exchange Mailbox from Office 365 Enterprise E3. The Focussed Inbox is enabled in my webmail and I can see it working there.


Why doesn't it work in the app?

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I got the question on setup but after that i have not seen a toggle to activate or deactivate :(

Well, update... I got Focused Inbox everywhere (even in Outlook Desktop), except for my Windows 10 Mobile device... which is the same app I use on my laptop and desktop (default Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app). So, kinda strange how MS enables or disables this feature... 

Do you know if your organisation uses modern authentication?  My focussed inbox does not work because ours does not.

Does that have anything to do with it? As written above, I have Focussed Inbox on all my devices (and Outlook Desktop), except for my Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile). 


I do have Modern Authentication turned on for Exchange and Skype for Business, but can't remember if I did before or after Focussed Inbox started working for me.

Yes, I enabled it after seeing other posts. Will check again.