outlook loses connection with Exchange

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My Outlook (2019) sometimes loses the connection with our Exchange server. And after a while (can range from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours) it regains the connection automatically.

During this time my desktop doesn't show any other problems with the network conenction (connected by wire).


I usually notice it when sending an email, the email will stay in the outbox. Outlook doens't mention it has lost the connection. That is something I only can see after closing outlook and restarting it.


A strange side-effect of this is that in the shared mailboxes I have, there appear some new folders: Yammer, Conversation Action Settings, Files, ... And when I click on one of these folders, it disappears again.


Any ideas on what can be causing this? Thx.

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Hi Yves_Dekort,

Please follow this action plan:
- Make sure your Microsoft 365 apps are current (up to date)
- Make sure fast start-up is disabled
- Command Prompt (as administrator): sfc /scannow + reboot
- Command Prompt (as administrator): DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth + reboot
- Create a new mail profile and re-evaluate (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-an-outlook-profile-f544c1ba-3352-4b3b-be0b-8d42a54...)

- If needed: reinstall the Microsoft 365 apps 


Last resort: create and use a new Windows user profile

Hi Matthieu,
Already done all those things except for the last resort.
And I was hoping to avoid needing to do that.

Hi Yves_Dekort,

In the past, issues could also be resolved by removing the Microsoft 365 license and re-adding it to the account, but I don't think this is the issue here.

I suppose you don't have these issues with your account on other devices, such as other workstations, tablets, or smartphones?


You could also create a Microsoft 365 support ticket. Microsoft support engineers can run diagnostic tools at the tenant level.

It's not a 365-license.
Don't know if this happens on other workstations, as I only use one machine.
Switching to another workstation is not a real option:
- as the issue only happens at irregular (and long) intervals, there is no way to be sure if the issue is workstation-dependant
- there is no other workstation available with the needed specs