Outlook Login not responding after 2FA enabled

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My company enabled 2FA last night and this morning I went to launch the Outlook 365 Desktop Application for Windows 10 and it never loads the window asking me to log in. It just stays blank and (not responding).


I have actually let this window stay open for 2+ hours.
I have rebooted the machine multiple times.
I went into Credential Manager and removed everything related to Office and Outlook.

The only thing I have yet to really try is Uninstalling and Reinstalling the application, but I feel like that is not going to resolve the issue.


I was hoping someone had some suggestions or has run into this issue.


I attached a screenshot to this post.




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I was able to resolve this issue.

I opened up a couple of other Office applications on my computers such as One Note and Teams.
Both of these apps required me to log in and use 2FA.
Once I logged in to both of those apps I decided to try and re-launch Outlook and it did NOT prompt me to log in. (I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.) I was able to open Outlook and use it so I am happy.