Outlook launching two Internet Explorer processes / Outlook not closing cleanly

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Hi.  Running the current Office Insider Slow ring release of Office 365.


Starting a couple of releases ago, seems that when I launch Outlook it opens and also starts two Internet explorer processes - listed in task manager as "Internet Explorer" and "Internet Explorer (32 bit).

Even starting Outlook in 'safe mode' yields the same result - the two IE processes.


The only reason I noticed this is that I'm troubleshooting an issue where Outlook doesn't close cleanly on occasion.  Even after appearing to close completely, the outlook.exe process remains -- so subsequent attempts to launch Outlook yield nothing more than a "ding" from the OS.  I must manually terminate the running outlook.exe process before proceeding.


Ideas?  I looked at Add-ins, and disabled or removed all but "Microsoft Exchange" and "Microsoft Junk Email Reporting"..



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