Outlook is killing my productivity ! Its keeps flashing and is unusable

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Does anyone else have the issue where outlook just starts flashing and locking up,  then becomes unresponsive?  I end up killing it via task manager most of the time :( I'm running Office pro Plus and I'm on first release (windows 10) etc any pointers of successful solutions would be great.

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"Flashing" usually means an issue with the graphics driver, try toggling the File -> Options -> Advanced -> Display -> Disable hardware graphics acceleration setting. You can also try running Outlook in safe mode (hold the CTRL key while launching it or type 'Outlook /safe' in the run box). Recreating the profile doesn't hurt either.

Thanks @Vasil Michev for getting back to me I'll give the display idea a try, as an aside I'm running a surface book so the chances are this could be the issues ;)

Curious, did this correct your issue?  I got a Surface Book 2 a couple weeks ago and have the same issue in Outlook. I've disabled the hardware acceleration now to see if that will work, but just checking to see if that did resolve your issue permanently?


Hi James,


The issue has stopped but from memory I rebuilt my laptop and got the most recent windows updates.  My guess is it was driver issues over time.  Also I'm on the windows insider program, if you are not as crazy as me you could jump on the insider program  but just select the driver updates.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm on the insider program but only on my personal device(Surface Pro 3), for my work machine I'm a little more conservative, but never thought of just opting in for driver updates...thanks!

I've got a Surface book v1 and it felt like it took a little bit of time for the driver support to catch up kinda funny when you think about it...…. but hope that irons out some issues over time and good luck!

Thanks VM. I have been trying to find the resolution and disabling the acceleration worked on my SurfacePro running Outlook 2016.

It was just beautiful. It worked. Thanks .

@B Ford 

I fixed a few following the steps

1 - I suggest you open another Office app (like word) and sign out of the account, then close all office apps

2- Go to credential Manager and clear all the MS credentials stored there

3 - Open Register Editor as administrator and follow the path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity

3a - Right click in a blank space and Insert New DWORD (32-bit) Value "EnableADAL"

3b - Set the value for "0" and select "Hexadecimal"

4 - Go to Settings - Apps - and Repair Microsoft Office App

5 - Restart the computer

6 - Open Outlook and Login again.