Outlook iOS top bar partly unresponsive

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Hi, so I wanted to run this by this community before filling an incident. 

For the last couple of weeks I've had the issue that Outlook for iOS on my iPhone SE (iOS 11.1.x) is partly unresponsive on the top row bar (create message, etc.) for the first couple of taps. Only after a few taps is the action registered, as if have to remove a few invisible layers first. At first I thought it might be a hardware defect, but now that multiple of my users are reporting the same issue, I was wondering if others noticed the same. Since all reported issues are on iPhone SEs, it might be a very specific issue with that model.

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I experience the same thing on an iPhone X and 11.2. It can take 3 to 5 taps sometimes. I too thought it might be a hardware problem because I had no one to compare to. But now I wonder if it is really an outlook problem. The bottom buttons to switch from calendar to mail etc. work just fine every time.
alright, that's a start. Lets wait and see if more turn up with the same issue