Outlook iOS - focus profile regression

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When I first upgraded to iOS 16 I got a focus filter option when setting up iOS focus' for Microsoft outlook. This was amazing and possibly the single best development for me in making my life livable with multiple jobs, e-mail accounts and the need to avoid work e-mails out of hours.

At some point around the time Outlook iOS 4.2245.0, maybe even 4.2244.0 was pushed to the app store, this functionality went away, and you now cannot see a focus filter for Outlook in the iOS focus settings.

Is this something other people see, and is this an outlook or iOS issue - 16.1.1 was pushed live at about the same time... iOS 16.1.2 has not fixed this.

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I agree, this was a super development. The feature still exists on the iPad while it’s on the latest update so I’m hoping it returns soon.

@hywelgyles You are not the only one. And you are correct that this new version of Outlook for iOS broke the focus modes integration. I tried reaching out to Outlook support regarding this issue and they stated it should still be working, but they never filed my bug report after sending multiple screenshots, etc. I tried doing a reinstall of the Outlook app and setting up my accounts from scratch. It didn't help.


I'd wait for the next app update to see if they fix it. 

You are not alone. I’ll share this link with the Outlook support case I have going. I found another threat on Reddit where folks are having the same issue. For me it seemed to start around 4.2246.0, or somewhere around there. The latest update did not fix it either.

When trying to find answers for this, I found an Apple developer forum post where a developer mentioned his focus filter wouldn’t show up when building his app with XCode 14.1, but it works fine with XCode 14.02 (or something).

Is this a business environment and do you have local IT? Have you checked to see if there was a recent patch to Outlook that may have made this disappear? Is the email account on your iPhone is set up as POP or IMAP, or is it Outlook.com, Office 365 Business, or Exchange 2016? Some other iOS 16.1.2 issues also discussed wildly in reddit. Go there to find a fix.

@TerryGrey apologies for the negative tone on this - but I don't want to leave the thread looking like there was a solution suggested.

The only reddit search results are this: (1) Focus mode filter for Outlook : ios (reddit.com) which has no solutions, and the page you linked actually did not even mention focus mode problems, and this: (1) iOS Focus Profiles Bug : Outlook (reddit.com)

I'm super glad you're here trying to help, but your answer, unfortunately did not contain anything relevant to the verified problem in the thread. 

If I am mistaken and you actually have a link to somewhere where the missing focus filter preferences item for Outlook has been fixed on Iphone iOS 16.1.2 then I would be very happy to be corrected.

By the nature of the problem it' is multiple e-mail accounts (that's how focus filters work) - so it's related to a personal Outlook.com account, a business O365 account and corporate and personal gmail accounts, and it _used_ to work. But now doesn't.

I tried 16.1.2 over the weekend hoping that would jump start something as well, zero luck.  For me both accounts are Office 365 accounts, a work and personal account. Not sure what you mean about Outlook patches, this is an Outlook for iOS issue on an iPhone/iPad, not a C2R install in Windows.



For me this is both: I am using a personal outlook.com account and I have an M365 account attached to Outlook for iOS. In this situation, I am an Exchange and Office Administrator for my corporate account and can verify that this issue is not driven by Exchange policy enforcement, etc.

This particular issue is product issue with the Outlook for iOS client. The affected version is 4.2245.0

Updating to the latest version of iOS does not resolve the issue.


There is no fix listed on Reddit, MS Forums and no resolution is being provided by Outlook Support. I have opened a case as well and there is no further response beyond uploading screen shots.


Again, the exact problem is: Outlook for iOS no longer appears in iOS Focus modes as an app that can be filtered by Focus profile.





In iOS settings, after clicking add filter in iOS settings there was an option to select “Work” or “Personal”, but now it is gone. You set up what email accounts are attached to “Work” or “Personal” in the outlook for iOS app itself. The bug is the application’s iOS settings.


4.2248.0 just dropped and it looks like it’s fixed on my iPhone :party_popper:

@TomMucha1 thanks for that - 4.2248.0 fixed it for me too.

@hywelgyles yep, looks fixed

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