Outlook iOS - Cannot attach a photo from Photos

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I am the admin for my Microsoft 365 instance (personal) and I have a work email connected to Microsoft 365 (work), where I am not an admin.


When I try and "share" a photo from the Photos app on iOS (or any other app where I can share a photo / file) using the Share button, selecting Outlook in the share sheet it opens up a new email defaulting to my "work" account. When selecting the down arrow to bring up a drop-down of accounts, it shows my personal account at the top, with a padlock and shield icon and I am unable to select it.


See screenshot attached.


Is there a setting on the admin portal / Outlook settings to enable my personal Microsoft 365 account to function 'as normal'.


I've searched for a solution, but cannot find anything pointing me in the right direction.





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Got the same behavior for anything (photos, links - Even from OneDriveBusiness) That i want to share via Outlook using the iOS „share“ option.

I have 2 Business Accounts Setup in Outlook for iOS - one can share the other cannot.
Ending up in sending links to documents on SharePoint Online of Company B from my Company A-mail Account because I can‘t share links via Outlook for Company B.

Unfortunately no Solution found so far.