Outlook html email: Link not accepting inline css styling

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I am creating html email for outlook and saving in eml format. Using inline css to style the links

If I add any external link the style works fine, but as soon as i use out sharepoint links, it ignores the inline style and defaults to some style.


for security reason i am not adding actual SharePoint link.

with sharepoint link:


<a style="color: #4272B8; text-decoration: none;font-size: 26px;" href="https://xxxxx.sharepoint.com/sites/pagelink"> Link Title </a>




Without sharepoint link


<a target="blank" style="color: #4272B8; text-decoration: none;font-size: 26px;" href="https://www.google.com"> Lorem ipsum dolor si amet </a>




It was working fine in previous version but stopped working since we upgraded to this version.

Please recommend way to format sharepoint links via html email in eml format.




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