Outlook - HTML email image issue - caused by recent update 2022

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As an email developer for a large marketing company, we have recently started noticing (Nov 2022) images are being mysteriously cropped in Outlook desktop.  Typically, we have to add outlook specific code to address all the outlook quirks, but this issue is affecting all of the emails we have built in the past also. So I'm posting to hopefully bring some more light to this issue and get a fix in asap.

The issue - in Outlook desktop clients images are being cutoff/cropped on the bottom and right side of the image, or possible pushed down and to the right.

I have been searching and searching for more information about how this latest update has been affecting emails, if anyone else has been seeing it, who to contact, etc., so I'm hoping this is the place. If you are also seeing this issue please comment so we can get this updated. 

Linking to the only thing I can find about this to help draw more eyes to it. This post calls out that Outlook is pushing the picture down and to the right (not cropping), either way, it definitely has something to do with the most recent Outlook update, please fix it.



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January 2023 - It appears the latest build has fixed this issue.

If you are still seeing it, I recommend updating outlook to the latest version.

This issue still affects Outlook 2022 versions, especially if background images with a VML workaround are embedded. Email works perfectly in all previous versions of Outlook. Please sunset Outlook which uses Word. Too many developers are tired of coming up with hacks for this platform.   @heroDev 

@heroDev I have having majors issues as well - all my emails are being cut off after the first two sections but only on outlook 2022 and outlook windows 10/11  I cannot find any information on what is causing this or how to fix the issue.