Outlook/Hotmail emails used for hacking

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Hello, my facebook account was hacked and email was changed using a hotmail account.


I have tried numerous ways to retrieve my account but I can't and tried contacting Microsoft customer support to help me sort this problem. My account has all of my business accounts and I need a support tech to give me the access to that email account so I can retrieve my account.


help me please

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I am very sad to see what you are experiencing.
Hacking sometimes does harm other people. I can't help you much, because I only know about Cara Hack Facebook. Which my friend once used to hack FB accounts.
But I've heard stories from my friend's experience that it can be overcome in many ways.
One of them uses the Forgot Password method. Or maybe answer the Security Question as well. Also Two Factor Authentication.

I am experiencing the same problem now. Someone has hacked my facebook account using outlook email id. I need to recover my account because i have lots of information on my account related to my personal as well as professional life. I want genuine answer from outlook on my case. Waiting for response.

@deeiana I have the same issue. today someone hacked my facebook account from vietnam and changed my password & email. he used a hotmail account to replace my email. I have all of my personal information on that account. i really need my account back. I'm requesting hotmail/outlook communty please help me. The email he used is email address removed for privacy reasons

@azimkhan Yes, I am experiencing same with you. My Facebook had just been hacked in a day ago which is same email ID registered in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am trying to login many times even using ID verification where Facebook cannot recognize me. I don’t know how to get back my facebooks account. Plus I am using that Facebook for my business purpose.

Hanoi, Vietnam for me too. Worst part is that I couldn't even stop it by clicking "its not me" on the email facebook sent. They were way too quick at changing everything within a minute. Even with the Two Factor Authentication my phone number was removed. Emails changed. Even though I can provide all the information needed to recover my account and prove that I am the original owner facebook won't reply to any of my emails, none of the enquiries I've sent were reviewed. Absolutely nothing.