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I have a coworker out of the office this week and I'm taking over her meetings. 


As she created the meetings I cannot - cancel them, email participants directly from the meeting, add relevant documents. 


Can a co-host feature be created? Or  a transfer of ownership?


It would not only help when people are out of the office but administrative roles.



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Hi and Happy Monday to you.  

Outlook has calendar sharing capabilities. Before taking time away from the office, the calendar owner can share a calendar with editing access to a designated person and can easily remove the access on return.  
Since you didn't mention which Outlook product you are using, I provided instructions for Outlook for the web and Outlook Exchange. 

Outlook for the web:

  • Select Outlook Settings from the top menu then View All Outlook Settings.
  • Click on Calendar and Shared Calendar
  • @Select a calandar, select the proper you want to share
  • The Sharing and permission screen appears, enter the co-host's name and select Can Edit permission level


For Outlook Exchange, 

  • Click on File from the top menu and Options
  • Click on the Calendar Tab and scroll to Calendar Options
  • Click on Free/Business Options


  • Click on the Permission tab, then the Add button to enter the co-host's name
  • Complete the access levels

I hope this helps. 
Have a great day!