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I have a coworker out of the office this week and I'm taking over her meetings. 


As she created the meetings I cannot - cancel them, email participants directly from the meeting, add relevant documents. 


Can a co-host feature be created? Or  a transfer of ownership?


It would not only help when people are out of the office but administrative roles.



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Hi and Happy Monday to you.  

Outlook has calendar sharing capabilities. Before taking time away from the office, the calendar owner can share a calendar with editing access to a designated person and can easily remove the access on return.  
Since you didn't mention which Outlook product you are using, I provided instructions for Outlook for the web and Outlook Exchange. 

Outlook for the web:

  • Select Outlook Settings from the top menu then View All Outlook Settings.
  • Click on Calendar and Shared Calendar
  • @Select a calandar, select the proper you want to share
  • The Sharing and permission screen appears, enter the co-host's name and select Can Edit permission level


For Outlook Exchange, 

  • Click on File from the top menu and Options
  • Click on the Calendar Tab and scroll to Calendar Options
  • Click on Free/Business Options


  • Click on the Permission tab, then the Add button to enter the co-host's name
  • Complete the access levels

I hope this helps. 
Have a great day!

@Teresa_Cyrus Is it not possible to make someone else a co-host or co-owner for a single series ? 
In my case I do not want the co-host be able to see other meetings on my calendar - just the one that I am delegating. Is this achievable ? If yes, how ?



@kirankolli82 At this time, Microsoft Outlook does not offer a co-host or shared ownership on single calendar items.  It is a top request by many users including me.  :)

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@kirankolli82 / @saranow 


I want to give you an update on my last post on September 16th.


Microsoft recently rollout "Private settings" for single appointments. Anytime you create an appointment or meeting in Outlook Online, you can mark it as Private. 


As long as you have share delegate permissions unchecked for "Let delegate view private events", the delegate is unable to see the meeting details. This setting is usually the default but see the instructions below to double check.   


For any new meetings, select Private from the top menu bar.





Share Permissions Settings


Outlook for the web:

  • Select Outlook Settings from the top menu then View All Outlook Settings.
  • Click on Calendar and Shared Calendar
  • @Select a calendar, select the proper you want to share
  • The Sharing and permission screen appears, enter the co-host's name and select Can Edit permission level
  • IMPORTANT: Uncheck Let Delegate view private events.



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I have same question as this! I think Google has this feature already.

Hello, thanks for answering these questions. However, does your Oct 5, 2022 response address the co-sharing meeting situation? @Teresa_Cyrus 


I'm setting up project teams where there is a Project Lead and Project Support. I want both to be co-owners of the project meeting requests on Outlook.


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A calendar owner can give multiple people access to manage the calendar by assigning the proper access.  This means the co-host needs the same access as the primary delegate to make the same changes.

Remember, delegates manage the entire calendar except for private items marked by the owner. 

I hope this helps. 


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@Teresa_Cyrus will delegate see calendar invites I've been invited to by other team members or just the once I set up?


The delegate will see all your calendar invites. Make sure you identify if you want the delegate to see private messages.


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Yes, google have this feature. It's easy to use and I use it frequently.
The responses provided in this thread do not address the question, which is about addressing a very common need.
The above does not solve the issue. If a mistake is make - a failure to mark private then a calendar event is available for view. The ask is still - how can the owner add co-hosts to one event or one series in the case of the owner not being available. It makes not sense to mark 50 events a month private and one open to the co-host. The reasoning should be opposite.



I agree.  It would be nice if while organising a meeting invite there's an option that says: "add meeting co-host", if 'yes' it opens a field similar to the To, CC or BCC field and then simply add the co-host's names.  Co-host inherits the same permissions as the organiser of that meeting.  

This seems to work the wrong way round. If you want to share the management of one meeting series you have to give the other person access to your entire calendar and then mark every other meeting or meeting series as private?

I agree with Steve. The given answer is not a fix, it's a workaround because the feature of adding a co-host to a meeting doesn't exist.


I'm one of two co-leads in my department. We have ongoing department meetings, and because we can't set up a co-host, the meeting has to "belong" to one of us or the other. Allowing for the addition of one or more co-hosts to a meeting would fix this directly, without requiring any other changes to the user's workflow. 

This feature that has become standard for modern tools. A user would expect that Outlook should do this, since Zoom allows you to add multiple co-hosts. (Even Microsoft Teams has a feature to create a meeting that has multiple "co-organizers.")

(Thanks for the answer, @Teresa_Cyrus - I think this is the best that we can do until Outlook builds this as a new feature.)