Outlook Has Serious Issues With the Last Update

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Dear Microsoft Team,


I'm using your Outlook app on my Android smartphone signed in with three different accounts. One work and two personal e-mail addresses.


I will address a few serious issues which show how your developer lacks checking the product before releasing. We customers are not your testers. If you don't test sth well, then please kindly don't release it...



I've seen only one topic related to this and I haven't seen any detailed answer on it.


First of all the app keeps asking for sign-in again. I signed in already a few times and kept asking.

I tried clearing the cache eventually uninstalling and reinstalling. The issue still remains.


However, that's not the biggest concern. I saw today that the e-mails in my both personal mails loaded fully in Chinese letters. Interestingly, my work mail was not showing any content loaded in Chinese but rather just empty body.


I solved the issue by changing the language from Auto to Eng. I checked some similar issues and it looks like the app behaves accordingly wherever it was used. So my question is what cause that my mails somehow loaded in Chinese. Are the mails going through Chinese servers? You have some backdoors or security issues?


My work e-mail is encrypted therefore that lead it to not to be translated into Chinese so rather empty.


It's not an UTF encoding issue. The mails were loaded perfectly in English in the past. But this morning when I checked even the historical ones, they were fully loaded in Chinese. I hope you have a good explanation for this seeing the recent gossips about your company.


Lastly not only me but the others complain about this that the receiving mails or organizing anything from the app(such as deleting, moving into a folder) seems uneffective from your app that it eventually reverts back to previous state after users check it in the app.


Are you having some management issues? or having decent developers? Using your products more than a decade and why I'm not surprised to see encountering issues like this with your products?

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