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I love the "grouped conversations" in Outlook.  


After I have flagged the original email, more people will respond to the email chain.  When I come back to the flagged email, I double click the flag to open the email; however, it does not show all the conversation - just the email that I flagged.  Is there a way to quickly find the entire conversation related to this email without digging through my entire inbox?

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HI @Hamann316 


I am an independent advisor responding to Outlook inquiries.


I use group conversations as well, so this post caught my interest. I tested your scenario on the Business Standard MS 365 application on Windows and Online. I was able to receive an email, flag a message, and other replies stayed with the group conversation. In fact, the entire conversation was flagged. See images below.





As a work around, you can search on the subject to review all relating messages.


Couple of additional things you can do:

  • Make sure you have the latest app version, if so 
  • Ask your IT team to use the Repair Tool

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@Teresa_Cyrus - thank you.  I have all of my flagged emails on the right side of my inbox to find them easily.  (Under View --> Layout --> To-Do Bar --> Tasks) When I open one of the flagged emails (tasks) on the right - it does not open the entire conversation.  Is there a way to easily jump to the entire conversation via this method? 


OK I understand.  I am away from computer. I will test it over the weekend.  

Stay tuned