Outlook from Office365 won't open

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Outlook from Office365 (Business Premium) won't open. Excel and Word are fine. I managed to get it open for a few minutes today after restarting PC several times, but all my auto-complete emails not working although they were still in contacts. It won't open in safe mode either. I've managed to access via Office.com account which is a work-around but frustrating. Any ideas? I've downloaded the Support and Recovery Assistant but after 8 hours this was doing nothing. Help :)

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Hello@JackieM3356 ! 


Have you tried re-adding your email account to Outlook and see if that works? 

Do you get any error messages? 


You could also, if youre on a Pc, try the following 


1: Click the start menu on your computer, and then search for "run" 

2: In the "run" box, type "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane" 

3: Verify if Outlook starts like normal 


You could also try and do a repair of the Office suite from "Programs and Features" in the Control panel of your computer. 


Let me know if you need further assistance! 

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Oliwer Sjöberg