Outlook for Windows Preview keeps prompting for old gmail account

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No matter what I do, I can't get Outlook for Windows Preview to stop prompting for a gmail login that no longer exists.


I have completely uninstalled Outlook for Windows Preview.

Wiped out the registry keys for Outlook

Removed any account from Mail (Microsoft Outlook) in control panel


But no matter what I do. Reinstall Outlook for Windows Preview, launch, and it brings up gmail in Microsoft Edge asking to login to an old account that doesn't exist anymore.


How do I completely wipe out all Outlook for Windows Preview UWP app settings so I can finally set it up to work with my work account that uses M365.


Video of the experience.


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Still no actual solution? Is this a problem with UWP apps? Are the permissions and settings so far obfuscated that this can't be fixed without creating a new account or reinstalling windows from scratch?
As a reminder, we are not trying to connect to a Google account at all. We don't want to connect to one. The one it use to connect to DOESN'T EXIST.

I need a way to wipe out any configuration that the UWP App version of Outlook. Also known as Outlook for Windows Preview or New Outlook. As if to start from fresh. Without creating a new user account or reinstalling windows.