Outlook for PC does not store Calendar Overlay settings upon exit/restart



  • Outlook for Windows does not store my Calendar Overlay settings upon exit/restart.



  • In Outlook, I have two windows open. I set the first window to display my Mail accounts, and I set the second window to display my Calendars.

  • In the Calendar window, I show 3 separate calendars (one associated to my default calendar account, one contains my Outlook contacts' birthdays, and one contains an internet-based sports calendar I subscribe to).

  • I configured the display of these calendars using Outlook's Overlay feature, so that the second & third calendars are overlaid on the first one.

  • Now, when I exit Outlook, and open it again, the Overlay-settings in the separate window where I show my calendars are not restored by Outlook.

  • Only the default calendar has a checkmark next to it and is shown upon restarting Outlook.

  • I have to manually check the second and third calendar so as to display them.

  • And then I have to again manually overlay the second and third calendar onto the first calendar.

  • This happens every time I exit and restart Outlook.



... but which did not solve it:

  • I have the latest version of Office: Version 2109 (Build 14430.20234 Click-to-Run)

  • I have "repaired" the Office installation.

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Thanks for the tip. However, I'd like Microsoft to solve this issue, so that no workarounds are required.
I think MS will never do it. ;(
best response confirmed by Paul_VC (Contributor)

Meanwhile I have been in touch with Microsoft support. It's grown into a long chat conversation, but they were extremely helpful. Kudos to them.

With their support, various steps were taken to diagnose and resolve this issue.

What finally nailed it was in fact a sort of workaround: delete each calendar from Outlook by deleting its associated account, and adding back that account again. And same for internet calendars to which you are subscribed.