Outlook for Mac: Unable to send message immediately

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Since this morning, Outlook (Microsoft 365 version updated to the latest version) no longer allows me to send email messages immediately, but only offers the "schedule sending" option. Furthermore, it doesn't allow me to schedule the sending for today, but only for tomorrow.

The version of Outlook used is the Legacy version.

This problem does not occur on the "current" version.

I have already tried restarting both outlook and the entire system, but the situation has not changed.

The problem does not occur using the web version of Outlook.

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Same problem here. I'm on the Beta Channel for M365 (Outlook Version: 16.86), and experience the same symptoms. I am able to schedule send email today, and I'm also able to send email via the keyboard shortcut (Command+Return). I'm also able to send from the "New" Outlook and from OWA. This issue does not occur with users on Outlook Version 16.84 (non-beta). Please fix, Microsoft.