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Hello, I am having problems getting REST to be recognized on all of my Macs. I have a profile set to them via Jamf Pro to "nudge" it, but in Outlook v16.33 on all three Macs in front of me running 10.15.2, only one shows REST enabled.


Without REST working my users cannot open shared calendars without having calendar owner performing some shenanigans on their end. Once REST kicks in, opening shared calendars is a breeze.


I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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I see this feature (REST sync) discussed in Outlook Help however I don't see anything related to this subject in our Outlook (v16.40). My users report adding/removing attendees from meetings and they are not given the option to either update the effected users or update everyone. The update message we see doesn't look like the one attached here.

@dtmille2 Hello have you figure out how to switch outlook 365 in macos back to REST ?

@haxumko The only thing that seems to reliably do this for me is to completely remove the Microsoft Office install, install again, and activate the software by signing in with user credentials rather than using the serializer.

@dtmille2 hm... I've already done it, but it doesn't help. I've got private Office 365 trying to open corp-Exchange calendar of other employees and it's fails, because Outlook in macOS takes only primary calendar, without sub-calandar folders.