Outlook for Mac - part of Office 365 for Mac?

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I've been using Office forever (it seems) and moved along to the annual subscription with Office 365.


I "think" it included Outlook but I am not sure...if it did, I deleted it since I was using and happy with Apple Mail. Now, however, Apple mail is giving me fits and I'm wondering how to get Outlook back or if I should just download it in the App Store. I did download it on a spare Mac and the App Store version seemed to be slightly short on the outlook features such as setting up folders and rules.


Any advice? I guess I could just reload the whole Office package but that would likely wipe out many customizations I've put in Excel and Word over the years...


What do you think I should do?




Tom O'Connell

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All mac versions of office include Outlook.

If you purchase office from microsoft, you need to install office from microsoft, not from the apple store. They should be the same version/ same features but you don't control updates.

The "new" Outlook is lacking some features in the "legacy" version - you can switch on the Outlook application menu.

Check your version of office in word or excel and if not Version 16.61 (22050700) - update it then then get outlook from here - https://docs.microsoft.com/officeupdates/update-history-office-for-mac



Thanks so much, Diane. It was easy to load, works great and even if Apple can fix my apple mail problem, I'll probably stick with Outlook for Mac. Beautiful app ... but I need some "re-learning" as it's got a lot more features than when I used it in my pre-Mac days LOL