Outlook for Mac - o365 'New Outlook' - Unable to trigger reauthentication

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Hi, I'm running OSX and have Microsoft Outlook for Mac. At the time of writing my Outlook client version is Version 16.59 (22021300). When I opt into the 'New Outlook Experience everything is fine until I have to re-authenticate into o365/Azure + Azure MFA.


For some context, my organisation has conditional access policies in Azure that force re-authentication in Outlook clients every seven (7) days. While in the 'New Outlook' experience I am not prompted to re-authenticate. I know that I have to because next to my mailbox name there's the customary ~ squiggly line to indicate I'm offline.


Nothing happens when I try to perform a sync (Tools > Sync).

Nothing happens when I try to 'work offline' and toggle back to 'online' (Outlook > Work Offline).


The ONLY way I have been able to re-authenticate is exit the 'New Outlook' experience (Outlook > deselect 'New Outlook') to revert back to the 'Legacy version of Outlook'. As soon as I revert and the application restarts I am then prompted to re-authenticate. After I re-auth, I 're-enter' the New Outlook and I'm good for another seven (7) days.


Any ideas?

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same for me. once re-authenticated I can switch back until the next time I need to re-authenticate. the new look seems to be causing a few bugs for something that should just be a different skin