Outlook for Mac creating duplicate calendar entries for new meetings

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Hello there,


My users are experiencing an issue where, when they send a new meeting request, it creates two calendar entries.  One is the actual meeting and the other is an appointment that seems to get trapped in the Outbox.  There is an error that states "Unexpected data was encountered".  


If the meeting is recurring, it duplicates the event for every occurrence....


Version 16.32


Any ideas?

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FYI we are a MAC school who has just migrated to exchange in the cloud, and we are experiencing this exact issue. We have have found that if you right click on the calendar and clear the local cache it will resolve the duplicate but not the over all issue. We hope this gets more attention with a resolution to follow.  @Meg Simmons 


Thanks. Have been looking for the last month for a way to remove the duplicates without having to re-start Outlook.

@Meg Simmons this started happening to me and one of my coworkers this week