Outlook for Gmail. Invites created in Outlook on desktop computer do not appear in other calendars

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Hello all, hoping you can help me solve calendar sync problems.


I have a Google hosted domain and am using Outlook to read, write, send emails since I don't like the Gmail interface.


The issue I'm experiencing: when I create a meeting invite in Outlook on my desktop computer and send to others, that invite appears properly in my Outlook calendar on my desktop computer. However, it does NOT appear in my Gmail calendar or in the calendar in the Outlook for mobile app on my phone. 


I don't have this problem when I receive invites. When I receive invites from others, they populate properly in my Gmail calendar, in my Outlook desktop calendar, and in my Outlook app for mobile calendar. So the issue appears to only be with outgoing invites (i.e. invites created by me).


Any theories what might be going on with my outgoing calendar invites and why they aren't populating anywhere but the local machine from which they were sent are welcome! 

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were you able to figure this out? I'm having the same issue I'm trying to resolve?

Looking to schedule meetings from my integrated google calendar in outlook but not syncing and showing than in my google calendar.