Outlook for Android Mail Signature issues

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Hi! Recently I tried to update my email signature in my Outlook App for Android device and found out that the app does not accept the new line. Instead, it will save it in a 1-liner.


Ending up the email signature looks more like this:

Thank youRegards,Luka ModricIT EngineerMy Company.


Anyone experienced and found a solution to the issue?

Outlook App For Android Version 2.2.197 (276)

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I have exactly the same issue.


I want (and have set) my signature to be:





Sent from my phone.


Instead it displays on outgoing emails as:-



Sent from my phone.


Anyone got any suggestions?  

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I found a quick workaround:

Add a space before each line after the initial line. It parsed the message and displays correctly.

Hi Andrew,


I have tried the same thing and it worked.
Just forgot to update the posting.
Thank you for sharing.

I added the space before each line and it stopped the "run on"; however, I still cannot add spaces between the lines, i.e. between my name and my company address. I have sentence spacing but no line spacing, if that makes sense.

Add a space on the new line between sections. If that doesn't work, add two new lines between the sections.