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I have multiple accounts in Outlook for Android. One of the accounts (primary) is an @hotmail.com account with an @outlook.com alias connected. When I send email I have a preference to make the "send from" email address equal to my @outlook.com mail address.


I can choose all my accounts, including the alias when I send email from my @hotmail.com account, but I have to select the @outlook.com address over and again.


When I select Settings - @hotmail.com account - Advanced settings, on the Addresses page I see my @hotmail.com account (Default) and my alias @outlook.com.

  1. At the end of this alias I see 3 dots button selecting this "triggers" the dots, nothing happens.
  2. Below this alias I see ADD ALIAS in blue, but also here nothing happens.

Outlook for Android Alias issue.png


  1. Is it possible to change the default 'send as' address
  2. Should I be able to configure this with options 1?
  3. Is it expected that both options/indications don't have an function/implementation?
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