Outlook folders appearing empty (Office 365)

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I have an odd issue with Outlook client connecting to Office 365.  On setup of the client I've selected that all mail be cached on the PC.  The sync happens and I can see the OST file is over 1.7Gb in size.  However from the client all the folders appear empty (Inbox is the only folder with email showing).  I've switched the view of the folders to show total number of items in folder and these confirm that there are mails in the folders, I just can't see them.  The mail was imported via the Office 365 PST import process and the retention hold has been lifted.


As part of the troubleshooting I've used both Office 2016 and Office 2013 and on a completely virgin PC to make sure there is nothing in the OS configuration causing an issue.  I can see all mail from OWA.





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You will have to use MFCMAPI to change the container class to IPF.Note for each folder that contains "invisible" emails. My guess is that those folders are having the container class set as IPF.Imap


Check this article for the steps to follow:


@Victor Ungureanu thanks for the information, that fixed it.  Since opening the thread I had worked out the issue was around IMAP but your info was the last piece of the puzzel I was missing.