Outlook Feature has been blocked by your administrator

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I'm not sure if it was something in an office update or not...but we started receiving a popup in outlook saying this feature has been blocked by your administrator.  I comes back up at times.  Meanwhile there's a Need Password message on the bottom bar in Outlook.  It goes away when I click on it.  I figured that the login box that asks for my credentials  is the feature being blocked.  We're able to send and receive emails.  I have deleted auto discovery files, and as well as the credentials in credential manager. I checked group policy and we are blocking logging into Office.  But I think this has always been enabled. 

I have a test ou where I disabled this setting, and im now being prompted to login, but its for office 365.  We're still on Exchange 2019, until we migrate to office 365 in a few months.  I was wondering if anyone else has seen this error before. 

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