Outlook Fails to Start - Trying to open profile

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Brief History.

  • Outlook working fine
  • I found OneNote wasn't syncing some pages, it turned out to be an issue with AVAST but whilst trying to solve the issue I logged out of OneNote. Turned Avast off, logged back into OneNote and syncing now working.
  • Opened Outlook and got a message asking for a password for one of my email accounts. In a rush so just closed the login dialogue. I may have closed outlook at that point.
  • A few minutes later tried to open outlook and it hangs trying to load the profile before erroring with bloggs1320_0-1693232700199.png
  • Outlook wont open in safe mode.
  • I have tried:
    • rebooting PC
    • running outlook as admin
    • Quick Repair
    • Reset Profile XML file - outlook.exe /resetnavpane
    • Delete Profile XML file

After lots of messing around Outlook suddenly but briefly opened, but is now not working again.


Whilst it was opened I managed to compare the .OST Files and settings to those I have on another PC with the same Outlook email accounts.


There are 5 email accounts, all IMAP/OST but I notice one account on the problem installation shows as "Exchange" rather than "IMAP", also this same account is "Default" where I expected a different account to be default.


The laptop was new a month ago and has worked fine until today, any thoughts?


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Started working again today - no idea why.

I hate to think how much of my time Microsoft has wasted over the years.