Outlook Email on Samsung Smartphone

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I have recently had issues when composing an email, where the curser defaults to main body and not address bar and now the send arrow to top right is not illuminated and I cannot send emails. Using Outlook vis IE is fine, so I am assuming a Samsung issue.
Does anyone have any solutions please?
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If you would try a Samsung forum instead, you could come up with a suggested solution there faster.

My approach would be to try in the account settings, mostly in there the hoes.

I would be happy to know if I could help.

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The same is happening to me.
My case is with a Samsung device with Android 8.
The option to send mail or forward has stopped working since the Outlook app has been updated.
On a Samsung with Android 9.0 or 10 it works, so the problem is with Android 8.
Fix this now!

I have the same problem.
I can't send mail from my Samsung with Android 8.
I have version 4.2035.2 installed.
We need a solution urgently!

The Samsung forum doesn't give an answer either.


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It seems that the problem is in Android 8.
Outlook App Support, Anything new?

I also have Samsung but Android version 6.0.1, works without a problem.
Don't know what that might be, it's most likely an adroid problem.
Or it can be both in interaction. you can only recognize this by excluding the possibilities. Maybe it will be solved in the next few days with some update from android ... wait and see and drink tea.

I would be happy to know if I could help.

I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

@NikolinoDE We will drink tea while we wait. :cool: