Outlook email and EssentialPIM

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Don't know if this is an essential PIM question or Outlook question. I have two Outlook email accounts set up in EPIM.  Both can send emails.  Neither can receive.  I have no errors when setting up the accounts and none when checking for new emails.  Both work in IMAP.  Neither work in POP.

I have POP set up in the Outlook web page in Settings>Sync Email.

POP settings in EPIM are . . .


  • POP server name outlook.office365.com

  • POP port 995

  • POP encryption method TLS


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Hi, what's outgoing server settings?
For outlook it should be
Server: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Encryption: STARTTLS

Settings are identical to the ones you list.

Keep in mind, I have two Outlook email accts.  settings for both are identical.  One can send/receive.  One can send only. My problem with the non-working acct is RECEIVING email.  I can receive email using IMAP.  Can't receive using POP.  No error messages.  EPIM has a "Reauthorize" option for each acct.  I can do that for the non-working acct and complete without errors.

I've checked TRASH.  Messages aren't there.  I have no SPAM folder.