Outlook doesn´t synchronize the new password when it's changed

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Our users are in a domain, when users change the pc's password all the applications synchronize but Currently we have a problem, outlook doesn't synchronize even when the box of password appears i put it and again ask for, I have read this problem in other forums. 

But the solution that I found was Manually  I have to change it in credential manager, put the user and new password. 


Can I found any solution here or this doesn't belong to this forum?



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If you are using AD sync and are on the office365 product line. I have  found that rare occasions the pc defaults to the consumer edition of the office products instead of the enterprise.  have them login to their office365 accoutn by going to office.com then choosing work/school account. after they  get into there they can download office products. this will put the office 365 orange icon in their app list and this is where they can click on outlook to ensure they are on the corrrect one. we dont allow our users to reset their own passwords I reset it in the AD/ office portal then they make a new one right away. however we are going to be switchign things up here really soon. there was one time where i had to go into the outlook app through the control panel then go into settings/ accouts and remove the old exchange account and add the new office 365 one which fixed their issue.