Outlook does not allow to move messages to different folders

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I have many different folders at Outlook . When I receibe a message I normally reply , in case necessary , and then I move the received message to a folder related to this person . My Outlook is not allowing me to move the messages so they are being kept totally desorganized on the received message box . How can I solve this error ?

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Hi @Heyder_Migliora,

Here are some potential solutions that may help:

  1. Ensure Outlook is Updated:
    Make sure that your Outlook application is up to date by navigating to File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now.

  2. Restart Your Computer

  3. Create a New Outlook Profile:
    Try creating a new Outlook profile to see if the problem persists.
    Keep your current profile as a backup in case you need to switch back.
    For detailed instructions, refer to Create an Outlook profile - Microsoft Support.

  4. Use Outlook on the Web (OWA):
    If the problem persists, consider using Outlook on the Web (OWA) to manage your emails and move items to different folders.

  5. Check Folder Permissions:
    If you encounter a permission error, verify your permissions for the specific folder by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties.

Outlook error "Cannot move the items" when moving items to other folders - Microsoft Support

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