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Hi Team


We have hybrid environment and just recently migrated almost all mailboxes to EXO. Now I am having some problems with the profile photo not showing in Outlook Desktop Client only. The profile photos are showing correctly everywhere else across the O365 - Teams, Outlook OWA, Outlook mobile, but not on the desktop client.

I tried manually applying via set-userphoto cmdl, but still not showing on the desktop client.

Any ideas where I should focus to fix this and how to make it work seamlessly in the future ?

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@Anton5032 Hello, you're running the Outlook clients in cached mode I assume? Are any other information missing or is it just the profile photos/thumbnails? When you say "recently" is it within a couple days? I've stumbled across situations where it usually has come down to the OAB, at least for missing information. I believe there's a pointer to the thumbnail there as well. Due to the interval for OAB population in Exchange (default 8 hours) and the Outlook clients (default 24 hours if left constantly running) you'd want to push it manually, at least for the Outlook client. Maybe this is not applicable in your scenario, but it has sorted things out for me more than once.

Check the output of get-mailbox |fl for some users (working and non working)
Check if the photo is still syncing the photos from on prem? There should be an attribute called user photo.
Tnx bec, no other info missing anywhere. When I am saying recently, it has been more than 1 month now, so if there was something to be sync, it should be synced already. All photos are present when browsing in AAD, but not all phots are present when looking through the Outlook profile photos. I did some tests with se-userphoto cmdlet and after 24hrs this works. I was just wondering if there is anything else, which to be quicker that I can use to sync AAD with EXO, since everything is already in AZ
tnx, it is syncing, but as per the MS statement, it is syncing only during the initial sync and then no matter what changes you are doing on-prem it will not auto-sync unless manually scripted

@Anton5032 Hello Anton, is this setting applicable for you? (I'm thinking as it's only a problem in the desktop client).



If it doesn't work either, can you try using an Outlook client with cached mode off (which shouldn't be a problem) and also see if there's any difference if you wipe an Outlook profile on a machine that's having this issue.