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I have 5,200+ events in my Outlook calendar.  I decided on a style of format many years ago based on text justification, rich text format, 0 pt on line spacing etc. This was fine until syncing the calendar with my iPhone (some years ago) via iTunes/iCloud which undid all my formatting and changed it to something I didn't like.  I have been reformatting all my events back to my preferred style as and when I can but can't help but wonder if there isn't some sort of macro that could be written, or selecting all events in 'list' view, or editing of the PST file that could reformat all events in one go.  Does such a method or tool exist or am I doomed to continue with single event formatting?  I have since stopped syncing to preserve the formatting and also take regular backups of the PST just in case some other wonder sync software decides to reformat everything all over again in the future.





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@SpA71 Yes, you can use a macro to change the paragraph formatting.  The last macro at Changing the font in Outlook's Notes field (slipstick.com) will change the font formatting on the selected items. It can easily be changed to apply to all in a folder, but with 5200+ items, it might take awhile. 

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Thanks for that.  I'll give it a go.  Anything that can help with the grind of all that reformatting is duly appreciated.