Outlook deleting emails before sending

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Has anyone ever seen an issue where Outlook deletes emails before sending them? Then they are just gone. No way to recover them. It appears to be random and only happens in Desktop that I can tell. Our IT team has created new profiles for me, completely uninstalled and reinstalled O365, then finally I just got a whole new laptop. I have had the new computer for ~6 weeks and it started happening again.


Outlook also hangs up for a couple of seconds occasionally when this happens. But it often hangs up without causing the deleted email error. 


Any ideas? 

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Do you run any mon-MS add-ins in Outlook?
Just Zoom
What happens if you disable the Zoom addin?
When I was having this problem before, IT disabled all my plugins. But since this happens so randomly and infrequently (right now, about 1x a week), I can't just keep all my plug-ins disabled for long periods of time. I use the Zoom plugin almost every day. And I assume if it was the Zoom plugin, more people would be having this issue since our entire company has it.