Outlook default alias inconsistency - Android/iOS

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Hi all, hoping someone may be able to help. 


On my personal 365 account, I have premium email with my own domain. On iOS,  (and others including Outlook for Windows and Windows mail), I can have my personal domain alias as the default email address.


However, while I can use my personal domain alias on Android, I can't set it as default, which leads me to believe there is an unintentional inconsistency between iOS/Android Outlook.


This is a capture from iOS. Note how I can select my personalised domain as the default email address. (Ignore the red strike outs, they are work related email addresses).


s 20211117_085441432_iOS.png

However in Android, if I go to set my default address, my personalised domain doesn't even show, like it does in iOS above.



If I look in the alias section (which isn't in iOS), then I can see my Microsoft email is set to default but, I cannot change it to the other one. My default in outlook.com is set to my personalised domain, but apparently that doesn't propagate to this app.




My only other idea, is to change my Microsoft Primary alias to my personal domain. I've not done this however because Microsoft warn of logging in issues and lost email?! Is that actually correct?


Anyway, have I missed something? Android seems to offer an inconsistent experience will all other platforms regarding default personalised aliases for premium personal 365 accounts.


Thanks :)

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any solutions on this so far?