Outlook Data Privacy and Security

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Hi all,


I bought a Office 365 from eBay an year back and I am feeling doubtful these days as I see lot of unsuccessful sign-in attempt from all parts of the world in my Outlook account activity logs.


The deal was lifetime validity and a cheap price.


My Question is the person who sold the licence:

1. Can access my laptop remotely without my knowledge?

2. Can they see my personal email(yahoo, aol) account passwords and read emails?

3. Can see files I work with excel and powerpoint or word?

4. Does the files automatically get synched to any location that the admin set to?


Microsoft or the ebay seller admin already disabled the One Drive. So, I am not saving any work there. All my works works are locally stored.


I am using my personal email id in all apps xxxx@outlook.com. The one which to activate the licence is still there in a shaded color. 


Please help!


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