Outlook cyclic behaviour & redirection is literally not usable, closing accounts.

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I had an outlook account from years ago that was never used.

Today I wanted to ask Microsoft OS questions so decided to open new outlook account reflecting my Multiple Sclerosis.

Using Outlook accounts you can login and access Microsoft services.

So I have received info about OS upgrade, that is not why I posted here!



I posted here today to say, this outlook mail system is dysfunctional.

There is nothing anybody can tell me that would change the serious problems.


The cyclic malfunction of asking for email, entering sent code, and infinite repeats.

Ended up finding way to stop it, but by this time I had more important things to tend.

The very slow opening of pages that transfer 2-3 times to arrive at locations not sought.

Or between sought locations but taking for ever to open.

Answer to many pressed links is to sell Microsoft Product and service.

The constant redirection to 'Buy Microsoft Office' page.


With all this happening the risk of being hacked is heightened because a user no longer has any idea what is or should happen next. This is truly the worst service I have seen.

On reflection of trust we have to put in Microsoft, with a basic monopoly over systems.

I'm disgusted, just gobsmacked this can actually happen without forced laws to prevent.

Deceptive misdirection, spam mail. Its not one thing, the whole systems built on scam.


It reminds me of the first scam I ever saw online, answer a few questions and win a TV.

I needed a TV very badly at time, had no idea the internet was some 'Crazy Wild West'.


I remember reading about complaints of outlook but never used it to know.

Many years after, its obviously not changed.

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