Outlook Crashing when Opening

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I can no longer open Outlook for Mac Version 16.52. It crashes and will not ope HE:P has anyone experience this on their Mac?

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I need help too.



I am having the same issue. 


I uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, and tried 4-5 solutions with no luck. 

Also having exactly the same issue. Tried multiple potential fixes but no resolution. Happens when I try to perform an action such as click on an email in 16.52.

@mannvi This is happening to me too.  Tried everything and have been forced to use my outlook on my MacBook.  But why can't it open in my iMac!?!?!?

Tried literally everything that was posted…. Did a comolete backup of all my files and did a clean install of everything to solve the issue. I firmly believe it was due to being part of beta testing. No longer enrolled in beta testing!

I am also having this problem on Windows 10. I have tried repairing the ost files using scanpst, I have repaired Office (both off and on-line), I have uninstalled and re-installed Office, I have deleted my profile and started afresh (several times), I have reduced the size of my mailboxes and deleted items folders, I have used the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (which turned off hardware acceleration on my video card), my Nvidia video card drivers are up-to-date, also Windows updates are up-to-date, I have run DISM and SFC, and scanned my hard disk for errors in preboot - and STILL Outlook crashes on opening!
There are no logs in Event Viewer.
I have now worked out while Outlook crashes about 4 times out of 5 it does eventually start, however this is not really acceptable.
I am totally out of ideas.
Any help would be appreciated.

i have same problems