outlook crashes when creating new email message

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We have office 365 apps for enterprise installed on a terminal server: server 2012 R2 .

we have the same problem on all 5 users, which started just a few days ago: 

every user connects to his personal desktop on the terminal server . 

when ever a user wants to write a new email message - the program crashes.

the error message: "Microsoft office component has stopped working "

see attached screen shot 


please advise 





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We are experiencing this as well. Exact same issue. Is there any update on this?


No .

Still waiting for a solution.

Same issue here but does not crash - user just dismisses popup and can finish emailing. Popups only on terminal server - browser office is fine and local machine is fine. Annoying.
Same here, any update?

We also had this concern, on further research the problem came from the Viva Insights add-in integrated into Outlook.

We tried to deactivate it from the tenant but that didn't change anything. It is therefore necessary to do from the Outlook of the user:

File > Manage add-ins > Admin Managed > Remove Viva Insights

No more crash messages after that :)
We eventually figured that out - it was tied to an update. That fixed it for us too. :)
We have the same issue only with MonthlyEnterprise, removal of Viva Insights works but this is admin managed and returns thus causing the issue. Also using online mode O365 and not cached. Semi-Annual channel not impacted. Anyone have more specifics as to why Viva Insights is causing this issue?