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I've started having issues with my Outlook contact lists in recent weeks. When I add a contact list to my recipients in an email, and then click the '+' icon to expand and show the list's individuals, I receive the popup message, "Cannot perform the requested operation. The command selected is not valid for this recipient. The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found." Frequently, after trying this enough times with a group, if I switch to the My Contacts view and select that contact list, switching from the "About" tab to "Members" tells me "We couldn't find any members in [group name]," even though opening up the contact list shows me the full list of contacts I added to the group.


I have tried deleting and recreating the contact lists in question, both on the client-side application and on Outlook 365 in my browser, but neither has corrected the issue. I'm working with my IT department to solve this as well, but thought perhaps somebody else online has run into this and can help me troubleshoot this peculiar issue.

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I have exactly the same issue as this. Would welcome any solutions that anybody has. Very frustrating!



Same exact issue here. Any answers? 



Same issue here, started about the same time as you. If you send it to the group it goes fine, but you cannot see who is in that group.

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@pgrupe  I found this on an MS support forum on 4/27... Known issue from update, use workaround or revert to previous version of Office.


Thanks, Gordon! My IT had figured this much out, so I should have noted that workaround in my original note as well, but I hadn't come up with that support note in previous searches. It's good to see MS seems to be aware of this and hopefully they'll address it in an upcoming update.