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I have Outlook installed on desktops in both Texas and Mexico. When I left Mexico one year ago, Outlook  365 was working fine. On my Mexican machine Outlook used a so-called "App Password" to login to the GMail server. Outlook also worked fine on my Texas machine. But when I got back to Mexico, I discovered that Outlook installed on my Mexican machine was strangely able to download mail from 2022 but NOT able to download mail from 2023. I had enabled IMAP, precisely because I wanted to allow Outlook to access GMail from both machines, and it seemed to work at first, but again, the Mexican machine was only able to access the GMail server for the residue of last year's mail it had not yet downloaded when I left. So strange. I see now that the Google configuration menus have changed and they are no longer showing me App Password as an option, which leads me to believe that maybe there was a policy change concerning App Passwords while I was in Texas. One last bit of configuration information: I did NOT have Pop enabled. IMAP seemed to be all that was required while I was in Texas, but most videos on YouTube recommend enabling both Pop and IMAP, and so I tried to enable POP just now, but GMail will not allow me to enable both POP and IMAP. I also tried changing the password in the Outlook Account configuration area, but now I just get endless login prompt dialog popups and when I click on OK, the behavior is the same as before. I get the green progress bars while "Tasks" are completing, but Outlook never downloads any mail, and now in addition to ZERO functionality, I also have to contend with these annoying login dialog popups that I didn't have to fool with before.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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It sounds like you are facing some challenges with Outlook and Gmail synchronization, and it can be frustrating. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Google Account Security:
    • Make sure that your Google Account security settings allow less secure apps. You can enable this in your Google Account settings under "Security" -> "Less secure app access." Turn on the option to allow less secure apps.
  2. App Passwords:
    • If App Passwords are no longer available, you might need to generate an "App Password" directly in your Google Account settings. Go to "Security" -> "App passwords" and generate a new password for Outlook.
  3. Check IMAP Settings:
    • Verify that your IMAP settings in Outlook are correct. The incoming mail server should be set to imap.gmail.com with port 993 and SSL. The outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be set to smtp.gmail.com with port 465 and SSL.
  4. Recreate Outlook Profile:
    • Try recreating your Outlook profile. This involves removing the current account from Outlook and adding it back. This can sometimes resolve synchronization issues.
  5. Check Date and Time Settings:
    • Ensure that the date and time settings on your computer are correct. Incorrect date and time settings can sometimes cause authentication issues.
  6. Enable IMAP and Disable POP:
    • If enabling both POP and IMAP is causing issues, try disabling POP and only enable IMAP. Make sure to save changes.
  7. Check Firewall and Antivirus:
    • Your firewall or antivirus software might be blocking the connection. Check the settings to ensure that Outlook has the necessary permissions.
  8. Update Outlook:
    • Make sure that your Outlook application is up to date. Updates can sometimes address compatibility issues.
  9. Gmail Labels:
    • Check if your Gmail labels are set to show in IMAP. In Gmail settings, go to "Labels" and ensure that the labels you want to sync with Outlook are set to show in IMAP.
  10. Clear Cached Credentials:
    • Clear any cached credentials for your Gmail account in the Windows Credential Manager.

After performing these steps, hope the issue not persists.

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