Outlook.com - some emails won't load body

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Hello, all. I have a strange issue that is not uncommon but doesn't appear to have an obvious solution. Running Office365.


Some emails on outlook.com don't load the body of the email. It looks like this.


The email won't load in the preview pane or if you double click to open in a new window. The header info shows (to, from, date, subject) but the body has a spinning wheel.


Some troubleshooting:

- If you reply/forward, the draft loads and you can see the email underneath.

- The affected email loads fine in mobile and desktop clients.

- The issue follows the user account. Can replicate on different browsers and other computers. Clearing browser cache/reset has no effect.

- Resetting views, changing conversation/single topic has no effect.

- A message trace shows the email as delivered, so the transport is fine (no quarantine/security issues)

- The affected email/user could be in the To:, CC: or BCC: lines.

- This affects internal and external emails, but mostly internal it seems.

- An All Company email (distro list) showed up fine for almost all users (70) except for one or two where it did this.

- It can happen to plain text or HTML emails.

- It does not happen to all emails for when a user account is affected. Some users are hit harder than others and some emails that show up fine for some affected users don't show up fine for other affected users.


I'm at a loss for how to troubleshoot this. A similar forum was posted on uservoice in 2018 and is being updated weekly with the users experiencing the same issue.


Does anyone else have this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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@Collin_Bourgeois_TS if this is happening in OWA, please check your Service Health Dashboard. 

@George Marian NeagoeYes, I had done that originally last week and there was an Advisory about webmail not loading headers properly. That appears to have been resolved where now the advisory is "Any user with end-user spam notification (ESN) policies using specific conditions seeing unexpected delivery results" where "Removing the rule that leverages either of the affected conditions mitigates the problem and allows users to receive the expected quarantine notifications."


Which isn't our issue here. All appears healthy.

@Collin_Bourgeois_TSI have been having the same problem (you described it perfectly) and also looked at the Forum on Uservoice that started in 2018.  The only suggestion that I found on there that has worked for me is reverting back to the "Classic" Outlook using this link: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/?path=/classic%C2%A0%C2%A0.  Unfortunately though, if I change anything in settings, it reverts back to the "New" Outlook.  I also can't get it to save in my bookmark toolbar. I am using a Macbook from home, and so the helpdesk at work thought it was a problem with Apple. But it sounds as though it is affecting users on PCs as well. Frustrating!

@KulukatYes! This is a mostly acceptable workaround and I have confirmed it works for two of our affected users. Thank you!


We are seeing the same issue. Clearing the browser issue fixes some, but not all. Using any browser other than Edge seems to help. Our users access OWA using the link https://outlook.office.com. While trying to troubleshoot this issue, one of my colleagues was sent a different link by Microsoft Support - https://outlook.office365.com

This link opens OWA with the "new" version of Outlook, which, as been experienced by others, loads emails without any issues.

The old link fails on multiple devices - PCs, Macs, Android and iOS tablets - the new link works on all of them.  I don't know why the "old" link has suddenly become an issue.