Outlook.com only uses GoDaddy for custom domains?

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I recently persuaded a friend of mine to switch to Office365 Home. He uses and needs Officedesktop apps so this was a good solution for him.
To help with the transition I suggested he buy a custom domain and I will setup all the technical aspects of making that work for him.
We used a local Swiss registrar to obtain a .ch domain.
We then signed up for Office365 Home for 1 year and I looked for the process to add the custom domain to his Outlook account.
I do this on a daily basis in Office365 Business and Enterprise so assumed (wrongly) it would be the same.
What I found was that I can only add a custom domain if I go through GoDaddy and this is unacceptable. There should be an option to do this as a custom setup.
What are my options? Are there ways, perhaps using PowerShell where I can bypass the requirement for GoDaddy?
Will Microsoft be adding other providers or better still a custom solution?

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Previously one could add a custom domain to Outlook.com from any registrar, but when Microsoft made a deal with GoDaddy that was taken away. Unfortunately the only option open to them at this time is to move the domain to GoDaddy, or get a Business level account.